Sunday, June 10, 2012


We finally made Annie's follow up trip to the doctor after her bout of gastritis last month. Sometimes I feel like I'm travelling down a medical yellow brick road with many twists and turns and unexpected surprises (both good and bad) it makes my head spin.

Annie has been fine these past few weeks but now it was time to revisit the discussion about her teeth, tab and the lick granuloma. It was the granuloma that really had me worried. Almost completely gone, Annie started licking it just two days ago. The fact that I'd misplaced my bottle of Grannick's Bitter Apple didn't help one bit. 

Our appointment was with Dr. Young and it was the first time we saw her since before Buddy's death. We talked about him for awhile and we donated Buddy's remaining supplies to their cat rescue efforts. Annie was thrilled to see Dr. Young and behaved quite well during her exam except when it came time to have her teeth checked; she just wouldn't let the doctor look in her mouth. After quite a bit of maneuvering, playing and coaxing the doctor did get to see her teeth.   

Her bottom teeth were fine with some tartar on the top teeth near the back. Dr. Young asked the dental specialist to come in for a consult. After more maneuvering, playing and coaxing the specialist completed his exam. Both doctors agreed we could avoid anesthesia and a dental scaling since Annie's teeth weren't that bad. Next, we discussed what to do to promote better oral hygiene and remove the built up tartar.

Annie never really chews bones but we will be trying her on Primal bones. I generally add Perio-Support to her food and Dr. Young suggested we add a bit to a cloth when I clean her teeth and massage her gums by hand. The doctor checked Annie's tab but didn't suggest removing it. The final discussion was about the lick granuloma and how distressed we were that it was back. We talked about diet and what Annie consumed over the past few days. Dr. Young felt the granuloma is tied in with an allergic reaction to some cheese Annie had this week.  I used some cheddar cheese along with egg in two meals. The doctor pointed out companies sometimes use food dyes, additives and preservatives in cheese which could have caused Annie to itch. Also, we gave her some unsalted crackers and the wheat probably contributed to the itchiness. We did notice Annie rubbing her muzzle recently.

The final outcome? Get stricter about what Annie eats and with cleaning her teeth. We are considering switching to a raw diet instead of continuing home cooking or a blend of raw and home cooking. I'm relieved Annie doesn't have to undergo general anesthesia.

When we were getting ready to leave we saw Juliet, the Practice Director. She asked how we were and we told her it's been rough since we lost Buddy and that we will be coming in for grief support group counseling. Juliet said it would be good to come in to talk about what we're going through.

Right now, I'm happy Annie doesn't need to have anything major done to her teeth. Artie and I will make sure we're even more diligent about her dental care now that she's getting older.

Annie sleeping after her trip to the doctor's office.

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