Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The next eye surgery follow-up visit took place yesterday afternoon. By early afternoon the temperature was a balmy 40 degrees (or thereabouts). Late afternoon when Annie and I ventured forth the temperature had dropped into the 20s.

Bundled into her fleece coat she eagerly awaited the radio car then spent the entire trip sniffing the floor and seat of the vehicle or looking out the window and whining. More whining and excitement ensued when we arrived to a waiting room with three other canines, their human companions and the veterinary staff.

Our visit went very well. Annie is progressing nicely. The doctor was happy to learn Annie no longer needs the Elizabethan Collar because the rubbing and pawing of her eye has stopped. She still has some inflammation however but the doctor stopped one of the eye drops so now we are down to one type of eye drop three times a day with another follow-up visit scheduled four weeks from now.

It's been four months since Annie saw her Oncologist so our next time in will be a 'double header'; visits with the Ophthalmologist and the Oncologist. Until then I'm keeping my fingers crossed Annie's four-month oncology checkup will show she's still cancer-free.

Happy to be eCollar free!

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