Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Our daily life is getting back to normal. Annie's hardly squinting at all now or pawing at her eye. The Elizabethan Collar has been relegated to back porch wear since Annie likes nothing better than to stick her head between the spokes of our wrought iron fence and bedtime since I cannot watch her while we're sleeping. 

I called the doctor to give him an update as he requested. His assistant went over Annie's progress with me and she was extremely happy with what we told her. Everyone agreed Artie and I should continue to observe her until her next follow-up appointment in two weeks' time.

Artie and I are thrilled with how Annie's coming along. No Elizabethan Collar needed except at bedtime and on the back porch - bliss! And to see Annie's tail wagging again, nothing can compare to the happiness we feel with our little girl's happiness. Her very improved vision is the icing on the cake.

Soon  she won't be wearing that eCollar & I'll get the bed to myself.

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