Saturday, January 25, 2014


Saturday afternoon and it is snowing again. Between the snow, Arctic temperatures and the day's runoff freezing into endless sheets of ice, it's been a miserable three days.

The uncharacteristic (for New York) temperatures were too much for Annie's paws within five minutes she was limping. Her walk consisted of less than ten minutes outside to, in the words of Elvis "take care of business". Once in we wiped her paws with a warm wet cloth then toweled each one dry.

My current project is fixing her fleece coat to prevent her from removing it. Yes, Annie quite happily came in sans coat which I found in a snowy heap on my back porch. Thinking the problem was the old Velcro being worn out I replaced it but made the waistband too snug and Annie removed the coat. Back to the sewing machine to move the Velcro; now we had a perfect fit. Annie came in with the coat trailing over her butt. It took a few days to figure out how she did it but rubbing herself against the side of the house pulls the Velcro open. I'm hoping a few hook and eye closures strategically placed will prevent that from happening again.

After the frozen paw incident, I spent time on YouTube viewing videos on how to make dog booties. You can guess what my next project after the coat will be.

Annie smelling the snow.

Annie & coat looking for our feral colony members.

A peaceful moment.

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