Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Brooklyn woke up to snow falling softly and silently like some moving picture post card. All the weather reports yesterday were predicting this for later in the day but the snow had other ideas. I looked out the window noting how pristine the snow-covered front porch looked.

An hour later I checked again. There were two sets of paw prints coming up the steps and across the porch directly to my front door. A quick look out the glass panels framing our front door confirmed both food dishes were empty and the water dishes were frozen. A lone set of paw prints went directly from the front door to one of the shelters.

I quickly filled a cup of food to fill the food dishes. No sooner did I open the door but a head popped out. Instant recognition on both our parts and a feline body came running in my direction. It was Porch Guy! Missing in action for more than a week, I've become somewhat accustomed to not seeing him every day since he operates on a schedule I haven't figured out yet.

He was very hungry. Not waiting for me to finish poring the food instead chowing down as I continued to fill the bowl. Artie's been very ill - congested and practically voiceless but I let him know Porch Guy was around so he could look out the window and see him. He warmed some water so Porch could drink as soon as he finished his meal. I put out the remaining food and the water then came in.

When I checked fifteen minutes later, Porch was gone, a second set of paw prints going to the shelter. I know he had his food and water then settled in to weather the storm.

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