Saturday, January 4, 2014


A package arrived in the mail the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Totally unexpected and a complete surprise, it contained a hardcover book of dog photos. Entitled Black & White Dogs, edited by J.C. Suarès and published by Collins Publishers in 1992, our human cousins found it in an antique store they visited the Friday after Thanksgiving. Inside was a heartfelt note but not one word from Lucky, Athena or Midnight. 

It's a terrific book filled with wonderful photos of famous and everyday people and their dogs. There's a shot of Wegman's Fay Ray wearing boots, a photo of FDR and Falla riding in a car and Alfred Hitchcock having a cup of tea while reading the newspaper with his dog Sarah. My favorite shot is of a little child playing the violin to an adoring audience of two dachshunds and a black cat.

Thank you both for a really fun book to add to our collection.

Our surprise gift.

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