Monday, February 3, 2014


Annie dearly loves other animals - dogs, cats it doesn't matter Annie wants to be friends with them all. Her best buddy was our friends' and neighbors' Boston Terrier Louie. Many times Artie or I would walk Annie at the same time Victor took Louie for his walk and we would all walk together. We referred to Louie as 'Annie's boyfriend' but in truth the two of them would fall into step and walk along like an old married couple.

Annie took to crying if we passed the house without seeing John working in the front yard or Victor taking care of the cats or Louie. Almost two years ago our friends moved and Annie still looks for John, Victor and Louie.

Last week I received an email from Victor to tell us Louie suddenly became very ill and after a short but intense illness had to be put to sleep. We were all very upset by the news. Louie was a cutie, always so sweet to Artie and me.

He was a wild man when he wanted to be, tormenting his feline housemates, exasperating Victor with his fussiness at mealtimes and totally misbehaving by jumping on the furniture and racing around the house during a Saturday evening gathering we attended.

Louie was nine and a half years old. We will miss him and remember him fondly. Of course, the day we received the news Annie stopped in front of Louie's old house and whined.


Holding still for the camera.

Ready for a walk with Annie.

In closeup.

Caught planning mischief.

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