Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Annie's itching, blinking and squinting never completely went away.  Since New Year's Eve it seemed as soon as we thought the itching, blinking and squinting had ended it would happen again. We started the process of taking off the Elizabethan Collar but after a period of time Annie would start pawing at her eye sometimes so violently it was becoming a concern for us.

Add to this scenario the weather which dumped about 6 inches of snow on Brooklyn before dropping the temperature to single digits with a finishing blast of arctic air making the wind chill sub zero preventing us from getting Annie to the doctor for several days.

Given all the evidence along with good results from her exam, the doctor agreed Annie's issues could stem from sensitivity to her eye drops.  We discussed her symptoms and eliminated one medicated eye drop substituting another. The remaining eye drop was reduced to once a day and the Blink was stopped altogether.

There was immediate and almost complete improvement. The squinting is minimal; the irritation is noticeably less and the pawing is almost non-existent. Artie and I are hopeful we can start lessening her time spent wearing the Elizabethan Collar and we're keeping our fingers crossed the road to recovery will be straight and smooth from now on.

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