Tuesday, October 1, 2013


It's been an uneventful day filled with mundane chores and mindless activities until a little while ago when I went into my bedroom. Annie was lying on the rug; Orphée was nowhere in sight and right in the middle of my bed was a smelly hairball. Ugh! Disgusting! Gross!

At first I thought it was a pile of poop which horrified me but after a brief closer look I determined (thankfully) this was not the case. What causes them? How to deal with them?

Hairballs are the byproduct of grooming. The more your cat grooms, the more he will regurgitate hairballs. There are a few ways to help him out:
  • Provide grass for him to chew on this helps the cat upchuck or pass the hair easily.
  • Give him some olive or sunflower oil with his meals to accomplish the same as the grass.
  • Brush your cat every day.
Without a doubt the best way to minimize hairballs is to brush your cat on a regular basis. The more hair you remove the less hair your cat will ingest when he cleans himself. Remember, even if you are diligent about doing all three of my bullet points, you can still expect to come across a hairball from time to time. The major difference will be the time-frame and less is better than more in my opinion.

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