Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Saturday was taken up by a trip to Manhattan. I spent the day at The Whole Bead Show browsing the various booths, making some purchases and entering one of my designs into their bead contest. I did not win but that was OK it was a good experience and great fun to compete.

The evening was a flurry of tasks neglected that morning. Annie and Orphée demanded attention in the form of pets, cuddles, food and exercise. Once everyone's demands were met, it was time to remove Annie's sutures. Hard to believe its ten days since the surgery but thankful nonetheless to take the stitches out.

Artie settled her on the couch while I examined the surgery sight. Using a bright light and tweezers, I gently moved the sutures about until I could see how many needed to be cut and where to snip. To my relief and surprise the stitches were purple instead of the usual clear or black. The purple was a nice contrast against Annie's black/brown fur making it easier for me to see what had to be done.

Using my sutures removal kit, I carefully lifted the loose end of the surgical knot so the stitches themselves could be seen clearly then I snipped each stitch just above the skin line. Annie sat patiently while we worked. She became very excited when I scratched the surgery sight. It must have been a great feeling for her to have that itchy area scratched. Her happiness was expressed by flopping down on the floor and going into what I call her 'wiggly dance' of squirming around on the floor peddling her back legs in imitation of riding a bike!

We ordered pizza for supper then collapsed for the rest of the evening.

Sunday morning breakfast was cold pizza and a mug of steaming hot coffee. I continued straightening up before feeding Orphée then Annie.  After her walk, Annie and I extended our time outside by tending the front porch: sweeping leaves, watering the plants, changing the feral's drinking water and putting out food. The rest of the day was spent running errands all the while planning possible jewelry creations utilizing the beads I found at the bead show and hoping I won't have to take any more stitches out anytime soon.

My sutures kit cleaned and ready to go

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