Sunday, October 27, 2013


Halloween, my favorite holiday, is almost here. This is the holiday that trumps Thanksgiving and Christmas on my personal holiday meter. It's been my favorite since I was a kid probably because of the dress-up, party and treats component of the celebrations.

Decorating our windows was my job which I considered a joy to be taken to the next level by putting the decorations in place, running outside to judge the aesthetics, running in to tweak the placements, running out again - you get the general idea. My entire family will attest to my Halloween obsession.

Celebrating at our house starts October 1st when I dust off my DVD and VHS collection of all manner of horror related films, TV shows and documentaries viewing one or two items every evening for the entire month. Disney cartoons and films such as The Legend of Sleepy Hollow or The Haunted Mansion, TV series like Thriller or One Step Beyond or any of the classic Universal horror movies are enjoyed once again. We also watch British films from Hammer and Ealing Studios as well as a smattering of silent films.

On All Hallows Eve I'll cook comfort food and put out an array of treats for snacking as we settle in with Annie and Orphée for a marathon night of horror-appropriate viewing to be interrupted by little ghoulies, ghosties or adorable beasties (two and four-legged) who arrive at our door looking for treats or their evening meal.

Follow my suggestions in last year's Halloween post and this Halloween will be a happy and safe one for all your family members - human, furry (and lycanthrope):

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