Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Today I'm passing along some additional information in the form of a comment from Kelley Caton  an animal control officer, on the Pet Blogs United post "Does Your Dog Enjoy Halloween?"

As an animal control officer I'd like to add: ensure that your pets wear collars and legible tags at all times, even under all costumes. Sometimes pets slip out unnoticed. Also, is your microchip info up-to-date? Have you moved or changed your phone number since Fluffy was chipped? It's still early. Check/replace tags and call your chip company to update contact info now before you forget. If your pet ends up in my kennel I'd like to be able to return him as soon as possible.

A salient point totally missed in all my Halloween posts. Make sure your pets information is up-to-date and get your pets chipped if you haven't done so already. Thanks Kelley.

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