Wednesday, October 2, 2013


October is Pit Bull Awareness Month - I LOVE PITTIES!

They generally get a bad rap but the Pits I know are sweet and oh so lovable. Many years ago I was terrified of this breed mainly because of what I saw in the press and on the news. Then my Police Officer cousin rescued a Pit Bull. 

He would never tell me the circumstances by which he and his dog became a 'family'. I'm sure the details were terrible and most likely had to do with dog fighting. With a coat reminiscent of a light brown/deep chocolate marble cake and a goofy personality Troubles won my heart and I have never looked at Pit Bulls the same way.

Two famous Pit Bulls come to mind, Pete the Pup and Sgt. Stubby. Petey was a genuine Hollywood star of both silent films and talkies as well as an integral part of Hal Roach's Our Gang comedies.

This is a great video of Petey with his owner/trainer on YouTube: 

Stubby was a World War I hero who was given the rank of sergeant and mustered out of the service along with his unit.

Sgt. Stubby (photo from Wikipedia)
It's October, time to celebrate and raise awareness of Pit Bulls as the extraordinary dogs they are.


  1. Hi Barb,

    Annie is looking good. I hope all is well with you and Arthur.

    1. Hi Randy!
      Thanks, Annie's doing great, we all are. She has her cancer & UTI follow-ups tomorrow so we're hoping for continued good news.
      Orphee's as fat as Lucky. Give her & Athena a hug for me.