Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Well. it's been a funny day.  Both Annie and Buddy spent it vying for the same spot on my bed.  It's very amusing to see the two of them staring at each other, one waiting for the other to vacate a brightly-lit spot on a double bed when there is plenty of room to lie down. Other areas of the bed have sunlight but for some reason they have a need to one-up each other.

Both of them are with me now as I blog.  That's because the sun has gone down so it's no longer fun to try and beat the other out of the coveted spot.

Buddy's been acting a bit peculiar today.  He'll eat if I hold the dish up but not so much if I place it on the counter.  I ended my stint as Jeeves by placing a pint plastic soup container upside down and positioning Buddy's food plate on top of it.  My brother added a rolled piece of tape to the two bottoms effectively sticking the container and plate together.

I gave Annie a quick check-over today.  Her coat is beautiful - so shiny since she's been eating home cooked meals.  She has a habit of separating some of the vegetables from her meal so a while back I started to puree the vegetables before adding them to her meal. Yesterday I prepared a large quantity of food to last about 4 days (2 meals a day) and decided to puree the meat portion along with the vegetables.  This worked out OK with Annie eating her meal without any food landing on the floor.

Today was spent looking at two old terrycloth bathrobes with an eye towards turning them into bath towels for Annie and Buddy.  The pockets will be re-purposed as bath mitts.  This process will be described at length in another post.

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