Friday, March 9, 2012


Incredible story I came across via MSN about a guy competing in the Iditarod who performed CPR on one of his team dogs after the dog collapsed and died.  Check it out.

CPR is an emergency skill pet owners should at least read up on.  It could mean the difference between losing a beloved pet or giving them a second chance at life.  Basically, you hold the animal's mouth closed while blowing breaths into the nose and doing  chest compressions.  This is really a simplification, You Tube has a few videos demonstrating the entire process.  This is one of them...

You can also perform CPR on cats.

As to the Iditarod, read the comments debate.  Maybe the Iditarod, like greyhound racing, bull fighting and Central Park Carriage Horses should become a thing of the past.  Yes, if people want to compete in all kinds of crazy endurance challenges fine - we can make a rational decision as to whether or not to put ourselves through the ordeal but a dog just says "Yay!  I'm running!" without knowledge of the consequences to itself.

Opinions, anyone?

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