Sunday, March 25, 2012


Yesterday was a day of many twists and turns.  Buddy is steadily improving which is a good thing.  Annie was acting her usual neglected self which wasn't a good thing.

Buddy's legs were a bit better but he's still having quite a bit of difficulty.  He's hanging out on my kitchen counter exclusively now so we've created a permanent space for him between the sink and microwave.  The area is set up with his bath towel, newspapers, his water and food bowls.  All-in-all a pretty comfy cat space.  All levity aside, I am noticing Buddy feels safer here and is very reluctant to leave this confined area.  That's OK by me - whatever makes him happy.  I'm adaptable.

I tried desperately to play catch up yesterday and managed to succeed somewhat.  Took care of straightening up and doing laundry but I kept checking on Annie who spent the day in my room, on my bed sulking.  Breakfast was served but my little girl wouldn't eat. Instead she sat in the middle of the living room floor looking like a punished child relegated to standing in a corner.  No matter what I did I just couldn't break her mood.

At 4:45 I decided to take a break and take Annie for a walk.  The sun had come out earlier but the weather was starting to cool off so getting our walk in before the weather changed completely was imperative.  Amazingly, when we came back in, Annie went straight to her bowl and ate her meal.  With that concern out of the way, I turned to getting ready to go out for the evening.

We returned around 11PM.  Our evening routine is to let Annie out back to take care of her bedtime business.  No sooner had my brother stepped on the back porch with her, Annie began to bark and cry.  We have a fairly large stray cat population in our neighborhood so the barking/crying routine is more an annoyance than anything.  Being part Beagle Annie can't seem to grasp the concept that not every cat is Buddy - they aren't dying for the chance to play with her.

My brother called for me to come outside right away with a "He's here come and see."  I ran to the back and was greeted by this sight:

There, nestled in what was left of our neighbor's mulberry tree was a possum - and was he huge!  I knew we had wildlife in Brooklyn but I never expected to encounter anything larger than a cardinal or a squirrel in my own backyard.

Annie probably thinks he's a big cat - he has the same coloring as Buddy, after all.

We have no idea where he came from but he's been a regular visitor for quite some time. There's the distinct possibility he's a new neighbor but I don't even want to contemplate that!

Just another Saturday Night in Brooklyn...

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