Friday, March 30, 2012


Buddy's condition is worsening.  He cannot control his back legs.  I'm really disheartened to see the progression of his illness because he is still alert, eating, drinking, etc. but it is becoming harder for him to control his muscles.  He appears more tired as well.

My kitchen counter is home the majority of the time now with my bed and the recliner coming in second and third.  He can no longer negotiate the climbs to any of them so I move him to different spots during the day and evening, taking care to check on him from time to time.

His food intake today was half that of the previous two days although he did have a variety: milk, his pouch food, tuna, Chinese BBQ pork and scrambled egg.

He needs assistance toileting.  We have to position his back legs into a sitting position for him so he can do his business.  I was surprised awhile ago when, after taking care of business, Buddy managed to walk into the hall for about three feet before he plopped on his butt and couldn't move.  He keeps on trying.

Later there was a noise from the kitchen.  I went to investigate and found he had turned around and was sitting up.  Of course he hit his water and food dishes moving but thankfully not spilling them.  He ate another small meal and is presently fast asleep.

His doctors said the decline would be a series of ups and downs - decline, a rebound, decline again, another rebound with each rebound bringing him a bit short of the last. That has proven to be very true.

I had a bit of a break from all this mothering last night - my brother took over and I had a few hours out with friends.

We're both very saddened; we know the end is imminent and hour by hour we wonder whether we will have to make the decision to euthanize him or if Nature will take him in it's course.

Annie is extremely upset by our disrupted routine.  She either stays in my room away from all the activity or sits in the kitchen doorway sadly watching us care for Buddy.  I wonder how she will react once her furry Buddy is gone.

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