Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Buddy is pretty much the same today.  Last night was an ordeal; Buddy kept waking me up for food, water and just crying in general.  Numerous times I got up to feed him, hold the water bowl for him, put him down to urinate and follow him around the house as he appears to be wandering and not always aware of his surroundings.

Sometimes I think he's going senile.  Today he's a bit off his food - not eating as much as the last three days.  He did eat a bit of Annie's food when I was preparing it although not enough to make much of a difference.

Yesterday evening, we spent about half an hour trimming the hair around Buddy's pads, cutting his nails, combing him and removing mats from his fur.  I've always been very good about helping him groom since he is a long-haired cat but it's been months since Buddy did a thorough job of grooming himself so that job has fallen to me with an assist from my brother when four hands are needed.  Frankly, he smells like the 42nd Street Subway station before NYC cleaned up Times Square - Eau de Pee!

Today, I noticed food on Buddy's chin, whiskers and facial fur as well as his chest.  My little guy is turning into a right slob.  For all the years he's lived with us, Buddy has worn a collar and a bell.  That was a firm decision at the very beginning because I feared stepping on him and breaking a paw.  It dawned on me his bell wasn't ringing the last day or so.  I removed the collar only to discover it was dirty and the bell was full of food.  The clapper literally stuck against the wall.  Of course, I soaked the bell in warm water and washed the collar until all the food and stains came out.  Once my brother's home from work we will wash Buddy  himself down with a damp cloth, dry him with a towel and comb him out and continue the process of removing mats.  That should prevent him from smelling like a Bowery bum.

I hate seeing my little man like this.  He's definitely a geriatric cat who needs help with everything.  We will definitely visit the doctor Wednesday or Thursday for a prognosis.  We need to know where we stand.

Just heard a crash - Buddy fell asleep and toppled into the sink.  I'm ending the post to check him out. 

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