Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today and yesterday we saw an improvement in Buddy's appetite.  He ate 6 oz. of food both days - that's good except he's only eating commercial food - that's bad but better than not eating at all.

His back legs are very, very wobbly, taking him a few steps before they slide out from under him.  Sometimes Buddy can manage to keep going, sometimes he lands on his butt in a sitting position.  I've taken to putting him on the counter, the bed or down to do his toileting.

I'm sure we can't go on like this much longer.  He is sleeping more than before and his urine output has picked up instead of shutting down completely.  When awake he is still alert, watching everything going on around him and he is still talkative.

Yesterday, Buddy had difficulty moving around on the kitchen counter.  The towel and newspapers kept sliding around whenever he moved.  We solved that problem by placing a piece of matting purchased for use with throw rugs under everything.  The matting anchored the towel and papers making it easier for him to move about.

Most of today has been spent sleeping.  Here's a photo of Buddy I took two days ago:

I will miss my little man when he's gone.

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