Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year!

The first day of a new year - obviously it meant nothing to Buddy that his human family was up until some ungodly hour last night.  After all, he got his forty winks and even with sleeping in (for him anyway) he was up at 7 o'clock, standing on my bed and complaining into my face - meow, meow, meoooowwww (feed me, feed me, FEED ME)!  I suppose I should be thankful he wasn't up looking to start his routine at 5:30.

So far today, he had his milk; this really does keep him regular.  We celebrated New Year's Day with a buffet of  NF and puree pumpkin plain then with his capsule of Asodyl added.  Asodyl helps keep the kidneys functioning by preventing a buildup of whatever keeps Buds' kidneys from eliminating waste thus preventing toxin buildup in his blood.

I guess the small buffet was satisfactory because Buddy decided to go back to bed.  So I had a few more hours to laze about, listen to music with both of them by my side.  I'll get even with Buddy as soon as I'm done with my post.  His beauty sleep will be interrupted so I can do his IV and remaining meds.

As I'm posting this, I hear Annie awaking from HER beauty sleep; it seems everyone around here sleeps but me, anyway, Annie decided to forgo the usual morning bid for affection (pushing her head under my hand, against my leg, plopping it in my lap) and headed directly to the backyard to tally up the number of feral cats hanging around.  She's good for awhile, then I'll have to prepare her breakfast.  Sorry to say, Annie will start the new year eating leftovers but I had the foresight to cook a big batch of her favorite Ann Martin meal - Macaroni, Liver and Veggie Dinner.  This is a great mix of elbows, beef liver, vegetables and cottage cheese; Annie just loves it.  Of course, the fact that she never hesitates to eat this particular recipe means mealtime will be executed without my holding my breath for two minutes until she decides to dig in.  Don't misunderstand,  Annie's eating issues have evaporated but I still cannot help holding my breath at mealtimes because she will, on occasion, take a bit of time before she starts eating.  Kind of like she's deciding whether or not the meal meets some sort of canine culinary standard.

The humans in this family will relax this New Year's Day.  I'll prepare our New Year's Day dinner and my brother and I will check out the local programs.  There are several movie and TV show marathons on as well as the Strauss Concert from Vienna PBS always broadcasts.

Tomorrow will be business as usual.  The start of a new week and the start of posts describing how we worked at turning all our feline and canine health/food issues around.

It's a new year so, comments anyone?  Let me know if there are any issues in particular you'd like me to address.  Thanks and again, Happy New Year.

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