Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Buddy did vomit the other day.  We were concerned.  He did it again tonight and we have our answer to the problem - he brought up a hairball.  He's OK now except his right eye is tearing.  I'll have to start administering the ointment again.

Of course,Annie had to get into the act.  Tonight she regurgitated a portion of breakfast but otherwise she seems fine.  I might forgo her second meal tonight and let her system rest.  This is the reality of caring for a pet.  It's the same as having kids but kids that never grow up or learn to speak or get a job and contribute to the house.  Just joking but a truth nonetheless.

Which brings us to another thought - when contemplating adopting a pet one should keep in mind a pet is at least a 15 year commitment.  If you can't commit to the cost or to the care, feeding, walking, training, playing, don't do the pet the disservice of adopting him or her.

Caring for a pet is not an on again off again proposition.  It is a full-time 24/7, 365 days a year commitment.  Never forget that.  At times it's exasperating, at times it's fun; however you look at it it is rewarding. 

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