Thursday, January 5, 2012


Buddy now has only one eye tearing; we are continuing to put ointment in his eyes.  He's definitely feeling good today - he's sitting in the bathtub just hanging out.  He does that every so often, he sits in the tub and watches everyone's comings and goings.

Annie's urinary problems were most likely a result of a lack of cleanliness.  A good way to control this problem and prevent continued infection is to use baby wipes when your dog relieves herself (urinary infections are by and large a female issue).  An additional aide to maintaining good urinary health is by putting cranberry or apple juice or apple cider vinegar into a meal once a day.

We generally use a cap-full of one of the three.  It's important what you buy when using cranberry or apple juice because the usual commercial brands are loaded with corn syrup.  My choices are:

1)  Knudsen's Just Cranberry Juice.  This is put out by the R. W. Knudsen Family.  It's found in health food stores or you can purchase it online.  Keep in mind that cranberries are very sour and this juice is natural 100% cranberry juice with a sugar content of only 9%.  Compare that to the usual cranberry juice cocktails offered in any supermarket with a sugar content of around 33% and you will agree Knudsen's is a better choice.

2)  Red Jacket Orchards Apple Cider. We order online through Fresh Direct.  It's freshly pressed at the orchard; made with select apples and potassium sorbate added for freshness.  The sugar content for the cider is 30 grams (high) but it's a good alternative to apple juice with corn syrup.

Alternating all three has helped us maintain Annie's urinary health.  She's been free of urinary tract infections since June 2011.

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