Sunday, January 29, 2012


Buddy's illness is becoming more challenging.  He became very labor-intensive the last few days and most of my time has been consumed with getting him to eat.  Crying and howling for food is the norm now.  He's doing this every hour or so but then he eats very little of what I offer him.  Heating it up, rubbing it on his lips or his teeth doesn't seem to make much of a difference.  He's also taken to walking through his food dish and he even sat in it a couple of times.

All this crying and carrying on for food but consuming less food than before.  Yesterday, I offered him NF, chopped clams, tuna, pureed pumpkin and pureed string beans.  He ate very little at each offering but continued to carry on for food.  Finally, at the end of the day, he did settle down to eat a significant amount of food.  We started today on a more positive note in that Buddy ate a bit more food in comparison to yesterday morning and did not carry on as much.

Buddy no longer grooms himself.  Now I am waging "The Battle of the Mats" on a daily basis.  Today I will set aside enough time to groom him completely.  That means combing his fur, removing mats, trimming the long hair on his belly and butt as well as cleaning his ears, trimming his nails and administering a baby wipe, damp rag bath.  A tall order.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this is just a temporary downswing and not the beginning of the end.

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