Monday, June 2, 2014


City Critters regularly receives donations of all sorts of items which they sell at street fairs to raise money for their rescue efforts. Terri and Nina were given a Tupperware container filled with costume jewelry as a donation. The container felt like it weighed 25 lbs. There was one problem - every piece of jewelry in the container was tangled together - you could pick the entire contents up with one hand!  Clearly a whole lot of work was needed to get the jewelry ready for display.

Ever resourceful, Terri decided to throw a de-tangling party. Since I love to de-tangle and repair jewelry, Terri invited me to join her and Nina. In return for our assistance, Terri put out a spread of finger foods along with soda and dessert.

With her three kitties and her dog, Chester to keep us company, we settled down to an evening of good food, conversation and camaraderie. We spent our time de-tangling, sorting, cleaning and repairing the pieces before returning the big pieces to the Tupperware and placing the remaining items in individual bags to keep them tangle-free. We ended our evening by taking Chester for his walk before heading home. 

Visit the City Critters website and make a donation if you can.

Jewelry donated to City Critters.

The pieces in the Tupperware were tangled into a big lump.

Finished de-tangling & repairing; now the sorting has begun!

Getting ready to pack the smaller pieces into individual plastic bags.

Terri's canine companion Chester who sat back and watched us work!

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