Friday, June 6, 2014


Dogs and cats have been upgraded to sentient beings instead of personal property according to French law. This happened during April and I'm overjoyed by this news. I'm sure it will allow for stiffer sentences in abuse cases and give more latitude in custody cases.

This is a step I fervently hope the United States will take. In fact, I firmly believe New York State should be at the forefront of a change in pet status. We all know our pets have feelings, process information, think, respond to our vocal inflections, facial changes, our emotions. By no means an animal expert, some will accuse me of anthropomorphism but I've had a lifetime of interaction with pets to understand one basic truth, living with a dog or cat is to live with a being in possession of the perpetual mentality of a five year old.

In the US, a change in status for our pets will allow the law to mete out stiffer penalties to those who abuse defenseless animals; it will change decisions in custody battles as well. This is a concept long overdue, one which we need to embrace here. It can't happen soon enough.
Vive La France for showing compassion to pets!

It is fitting to mention today is D-Day. 70 years ago today the Allied Forces landed at Normandy to fight the battle to reclaim France from the Nazis. Remember all those who fought and died for this noble cause.

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