Sunday, June 22, 2014


I was gratified to learn New York has passed a bill banning animal tattoos and piercings. The bill was introduced back in 2011 but the recent tattooing of a dog done by the owner with the permission of the dog's veterinarian after surgery to remove the animal's spleen added new impetus to getting this law pushed through.

What is wrong with this? It's damn cruel! Why would you subject your pet to such an unnecessary procedure? There is always the risk of complications from anesthesia and tats/piercings carry the risk of infection. Jewelry and clothes are nutty enough (and I'm guilty of both) but dye jobs, tattoos and piercings are just plain wrong. And need I even say why did the vet allow it?

Consider this: people should think twice (and then think again) about tattoos and piercings for themselves let alone their pets. Is it smart to have a tattoo inked over your carotid artery or anywhere on your spine? What happens if a surgical procedure needs to be preformed? Can the ink prevent the doctor from doing the procedure? Certain dyes can cause burning if you have an MRI. But I digress because this post is about animals after all. If people want to take the risk that's fine but the animal doesn't have the choice.

Our pets are beautiful as they are why mark them? It's wonderful news this law passed in the great state of New York - now if we take the next step and make our pets sentient beings that would be terrific!

Ink: Artist Mistah Metro tattooed a heart on his dog while she was under sedation after having an operation
The pit responsible for the law getting passed.

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