Monday, June 16, 2014


Well, I'm hoping for an uneventful summer. Annie's medical issues appear to be behind her at least for now. Wednesday she has appointments with the Ophthalmologist and the Oncologist. If all goes as expected, we should have no more follow-up visits for the Ophthalmologist and one more for the Oncologist because its six months since the eye surgery and this coming December-January marks two years since both cancer surgeries.

Orphée has woven himself completely into the fabric of our family although from time to time he still tries to move up in the hierarchy with intimidation tactics he uses on Annie and recently on me. It isn't working. Annie is learning to hold her own. She will turn her face away from him but not relinquish the space she's in, the blanket she's on or her place at her food and water bowls.

The ferals come and go; some are new but I watch every day for Porch Guy. He still shows up daily for a meal, sometimes two or three! A few days ago he stopped by while Artie was putting out food and water. My brother got the camera and here are the resulting pictures.  I'm sure you'll agree Porch Guy is as handsome as ever...

Notice he rarely looks at the camera.

Artie tells me Porch doesn't like the flash.

Back to eating.

Putting up with more photos.

Artie's favorite photo of Porch Guy.

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