Saturday, May 31, 2014


Orphée had his say Thursday about all the TLC Annie received during her illnesses and the little guy is right. Posting in Orphée's voice was a fun way to point out one very important rule, never lavish too much attention, praise, treats or toys on one pet over the other (or others).

We try our best to feed both Annie and Orphée at the same time although I must admit Orph's bowl goes down first just to get him out from under my feet. They get treats together, hugs together and massages together. When it's time for grooming Annie is taken care of first immediately followed by Orphée.

If it's time for Annie to play one of us will do that while the other keeps Orphée occupied by holding and petting him. When he plays Annie gets cuddled. About the only thing we do with just Annie is go for walks because Orphée has decided inside is the place to be. He positions himself by the front window where he has a great view of the steps to greet the returning walkers.

Remember, pets can get jealous or depressed if they feel neglected. Always be mindful of this; it will go a long way to keeping your furry family members happy!

I think I'll take a snooze on Mom's bed after writing such a great post!

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