Friday, February 14, 2014


Love comes in many different forms and some of the most enduring involve fur. I'm not talking about a coat or stole but the type of fur paired with wagging tails, wet noses and licking tongues.

What better Valentine Day post could I write but a recommendation of a book I received from my friend Fran as a Christmas gift? The Dog with the Old Soul: True Stories of the Love, Hope and Joy Animals Bring to Our Lives by Jennifer Basye Sander is a collection of animal stories written by those who experienced them. This book goes beyond the usual tales of dogs and cats to include horses, birds, grey whales and moose.

There are tales of love and rescue, tales of bravery, uplifting tales and some heartbreaking ones. I laughed and cried all through this collection. It is unique and went beyond the usual warm and fuzzy feel good animal stories we all cherish so much.

Do I recommend this book? You bet I do. I could think of no better Valentine's Day read or gift for that matter. However you celebrate Valentine's Day - with your husband, wife, significant other, children, family friends don't forget to cuddle, pet and hug your furry family members. And consider this book as a gift for your pet loving Valentine along with the usual chocolates and flowers.

Book & photo from Harlequin

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