Saturday, February 15, 2014


This Saturday is a 'kick back' day for me - a chance to kick back and catch up on some of my reading along with other agenda items I consider more pleasure than chore. I started with this week's newspapers immediately coming across an article on Marius the 2 year old giraffe slaughtered by the Copenhagen Zoo then fed to the lions. As if this wasn't bad enough Marius' killing was spectacle for a group of adults and children; supposedly an educational opportunity. 

In my opinion Marius' slaughter was little more than an opportunity to desensitize humans to our callousness towards animals. The zoo cited various reasons for this action - inbreeding, unrest among the male giraffes but the sole fact of the matter is a British Zoo offering to take this giraffe was refused. Artie and I believe Marius was an opportunity for convenient food for the zoo's lions a much easier solution than selling/transporting Marius to another zoo or setting him free in the wild.

The Boston Globe published a compelling commentary:

The human race is making progress in the area of animal rights; we've come a long way over the past several centuries but still have a long way to go. Let's keep moving in the right direction.

Marius the giraffe
Marius the giraffe. Photograph: Keld Navntoft/AFP/Getty Images

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