Thursday, February 13, 2014


All of the tri-state area as well as a good portion of the United States is experiencing extreme winter weather. We are in the midst of another nor'easter and I worry about my feral colony members.

The majority of them are skittish. They come and go at all hours making it impossible for me to keep track of them. Depending on the level of human activity and car traffic on our street, most of them show up well after dark or in the early hours of morning for their meals. A few like Porch Guy, who aren't that afraid of all the activity, show up when I'm serving up their meals.

We need more cement work done on our front porch but the temperature drop along with the mix of snow, sleet, rain, and ice put a stop to that project until springtime. My potted plants were moved from the back porch and rearranged out front along with last year's cat shelter. The old shelter was cleaned out and stuffed with fresh straw. Artie raised the new shelter off the ground by placing two boards underneath making it safe from rain runoff and ensuring a nice dry environment for the cats. We positioned it near the first shelter. The food and water bowls were assigned to new spots under my front awning affording the cats some protection from the elements as they eat. All this was accomplished just in time for our unrelenting winter weather.

The nor'easter blew in after midnight dumping a good half foot or more of snow before turning to rain thus creating a mid-afternoon slushy mess. Artie went out mid-morning to tend to the cats before the rain arrived. He found one of the light grey ferals sitting on the porch waiting for food. Not too trusting, the cat disappeared as soon as he saw Artie. Snow was cleared away, food dishes refilled and fresh water placed out. By late-morning, the majority of the food was gone and there was visible evidence of the feline traffic in the form of footprints to the bowls and shelters.

I'm glad my ferals know our front porch is a safe haven for them, a reliable source of sustenance and a good place to call home.

Paw prints to the shelter and the food bowls.

Closer view


Maybe the second shelter's occupant was still asleep.

Close up of tracks from the street to the front door.

Tracks from the front door to the steps & going to the shelter.

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