Friday, September 21, 2012


It's been a really crazy week; I'm amazed I didn't forget to take care of the strays with all the pressing chores on my to do list.

Annie, I think, has been possessed by the spirit of Buddy - she is learning to assert herself, nudging and annoying Mom into meeting her needs first. It's OK, Buddy did it to me every day of his life - I just couldn't get his food ready fast enough.  At least Annie doesn't talk incessantly or open my kitchen cabinet and knock cans of tuna, salmon, or dog and cat food off the shelves. She just stares at you, pokes you in the leg and when all else fails she whines and whines and whines. Believe me, it's just as effective as canned food hitting the kitchen floor.

Silver Grey comes for her food now when I call. So does the little kitty. And another very significant milestone - the kitten ate solid food for the first time today. I've been watching mother and baby every day and right up until today the baby was still nursing. As soon as the meal was put down, Silver Grey came running, the baby following as fast as he could. I watched from my kitchen door only to see the baby join Silver Grey at the food dish instead of romping about the yard. 

The front porch ration of food is disappearing almost completely every evening. My thoughts are to make appointments for Mom and baby, catch, fix, ear tip and vaccinate the two of them first then at a later date go through the process again with the front porch group.

And Artie tells me the front porch group is getting a bit less skittish in his presence. Progress, progress - all slow but definitely sure.

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