Friday, September 28, 2012


It began as a dreary Friday morning filled with heavy and light bursts of rain. Somewhere after noontime the sun came out and it looked like we might catch a break from the depressing weather. Unfortunately, the optimism lasted only a couple of hours as the skies started to cloud over again lessening the sun and bringing back some of the dreariness.

According to the weathermen we're due for more rain all evening into the night and early morning. I decided to feed Silver Grey and her baby early since they were out taking advantage of the break from the rain. The baby is adorable - silver grey like Mom but with startling blue eyes, white paws, a white chest and a tip of white at the top of the tail.

Both sit and watch me from the other side of the fence as I change their water and put out their food. The baby is somewhat braver now, coming through the fence before I finish but then scooting back to Mom if I move unexpectedly.

Silver Grey will not come into the yard when I'm there. This is definitely a step back. When I first starting the feedings, her hunger overcame her fear and she would come very close to me as I put out the food. Since her baby was born she stays far away.

Today I did manage to get some great photos. The baby has grown and I need to make plans for TNR now!


I can't wait.

Can't you spoon that out faster?

Better do as Mom does.

Will  you leave so we can eat now?

Mom watches as baby eats.

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