Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Well, it certainly has been busy around this house the last few weeks. I think summer wanted to go out in a burst of activity and it certainly has. I've been busy with Annie, my feral colony, cooking, cleaning, shopping and paper, paper and more paper! And don't get me started on emails. With business, personal and blog email addresses, boy do I get plenty of them!
In the animal kingdom, the word harlequin means varied in color or having a white coat with irregular patches of  black or some other dark color; a Harlequin Great Dane is a perfect example. But in the world of women the word Harlequin can only mean one thing. BOOKS! And that goes double for someone like me since I work in the publishing industry.

Imagine the shock to find I'd received an email from Harlequin asking 8 Paws and 2 Tails to participate in a blog book tour for a new non-fiction book. What an honor to have been invited and I'm totally delighted to have 8 Paws and 2 Tails included in the tour.

The Harlequin Official Blog Book Tour will stop by our blog Thursday, October 4th. The title of the book on tour is A Dog Named Boo: How one Dog and One Woman Rescued Each Other and the Lives They Transformed Along the Way. The author is certified professional dog trainer Lisa J. Edwards.

Stop by October 4th to learn Boo and Lisa's heartwarming story.

What?! A book tour? That's great, Mom, now let's play.

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