Saturday, September 15, 2012


The cats are winning the battle of getting them on a schedule. No one has shown up out front for a meal in about 3 days. I can't figure it out. Actually, of the 4 cats eating from the plates out front, I would say not all are coming around since very little of the food has been touched. Silver Grey and her baby are on a morning schedule but their food is placed out back.

Annie did have a couple of  late evenings of running to the front window whining and crying.  We didn't check. It was apparent she heard someone on the porch. During the early hours of Thursday morning we had our answer as to who that someone was.

About one in the morning Annie started whining, crying and letting out a few low-level barks. Artie tried to wake me but I was totally out so he decided to peek out our front windows to see if anyone was on the porch. To his great surprise, instead of a cat checking out the water and food dishes there was a small possum.

The little possum was pushing the empty food dishes around apparently picking up some spilled crumbs left by the cats. Artie said the visitor definitely wasn't Pat but he was cute nonetheless. So we have another possum and I'm fine with that. And if you're thinking the possum is the reason the cats aren't coming around you need to think again. Possums and cats get along just fine.

My guess? The cats are being cats - stubborn, aloof and unpredictable as usual. Once they decide they need 'staff' Artie and I will be elected to fill that position and they will gladly allow us to take care of them.

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