Monday, September 3, 2012


Sunday night at around 10:30 Artie took out the trash and was surprised to find most of the food we put down gone. The last few days we had food left which we took to mean not all the cats were stopping by for a handout.

When he took a good look he noticed Charcoal Grey resting under the wicker chair. Brother was reclining on the wicker chair and the Norwegian Forest Cat was resting in the shadow of our air conditioner. Surprising no one ran away when he stepped on the porch. Even more surprising, the Norwegian Forest Cat did not bolt as usual.

Artie told me so I went out to see, talking to all three of them. They all stayed put and after a minute or two I came in. I'm really gratified by this turn of events. The class is in a few days. I'll have to contain my excitement and my natural inclination to turn the front porch into a home for them all until I complete the class. 

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