Monday, September 10, 2012


The weekend was busy. I'm trying frantically to get the cats on a schedule but not everyone is cooperating.  Silver Grey and her baby are just fine. The baby is still nursing so there's no interest in regular food yet and Mom shows up as soon as I open the back door.

I've changed feeding to very early morning before the neighborhood comes alive with its usual hustle and bustle. Late evening feeding wasn't producing the results I wanted, I could never track who was stopping by out front and I didn't like leaving food out all evening. From time to time we have raccoons coming through and I certainly don't want to feed them.

This morning I opened the front door at 6 AM to put out food and water. To my surprise the Norwegian Forest Cat was sitting by the empty bowls. Unfortunately he took off as soon as I came out and did not come back once the food and water was down.

I'm convinced it's going to take a very long time before most of them aren't skittish around me. Feeding time has been changed and we will see how that works out. For now the weather is starting to cool off so that brings up another concern - shelter. I'm worried about the little kitten since both mother and baby are staying exclusively in the backyard.

Research needs to be done on homemade housing and ready-made for purchase. I'll have to discuss this with Artie soon.

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