Thursday, July 3, 2014


Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, Independence Day, a day to celebrate the birth of our nation and that means hot dog eating contests, barbecues laden with all manner of food and drink, desserts galore, family, friends and fireworks.

And it's also time to focus on the family pets. We're fortunate - our furry family members aren't fazed by the noise of the Fourth. Annie doesn't blink an eye at the sound of fireworks and Orphée couldn't care less but for the animal, who finds it hard to cope before turning to tranquilizers, try keeping them indoors in a room with closed windows and doors. If the weather is hot put on the AC. This will minimize the noise. If this doesn't do the trick, a thunder shirt might be the solution. I've never used one but my cousin has one for her dog who was afraid of storms and it worked quite well. The feel of the shirt around the animal is comforting to them.

If your pet's reaction is extreme and nothing helps then a visit to the Veterinarian is in order and medication might need to be prescribed. NEVER SELF-MEDICATE!!! Visit the doctor to determine how best to help your pet.

All the other safeguards used for any holiday apply here: keep your pet in a quiet place away from guests, no human food or drink, decorations and candles should be placed where pets can't ingest them or knock them over.

If you follow these commonsense rules everyone will have a happy fun-filled Fourth.


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