Monday, July 28, 2014


Sunday morning, a good time to kick back and relax with the newspaper and a cup of coffee exactly what I did yesterday. Our neighborhood was quiet; Orphée kept watch by the window for our feral colony members while Annie lounged on the recliner. Plenty went on this past week - some good, some bad but such is life.

I did feel good about one item I came across, a bill proposed by Chuck Schumer requiring veterinarians to write prescriptions for pets. The article confirmed what I already know to be true - pet medication costs are all over the page depending on where you purchase them. Senator Schumer found markups at the vet as high as 240%. A veterinarian worth their salt will discuss options with you or at the very least write a prescription if you ask. The prescription can be filled online or at a local pharmacy.

Dr. Young did that for us when Buddy needed sub-q fluids. We aren't in walking distance from her office making it time consuming to pick up refills. The prescriptions for the fluid, IV lines and needles gave us the option of ordering online or from our local pharmacy. We opted for the local pharmacy for the convenience (one block from home), price and turnaround time (anywhere from immediately to 24 hours).

There have been times our budget was hit hard by unexpected medical expenses for our pets. Artie and I would gladly find something to give up (dinner or an evening out) to offset the extra expenditure. Our furry family members are the world to us. Most people with pets would do the same however medical emergencies are a much harder call for lower income people, the sick and the elderly who's pets are sometimes the only family or joy they have in life.

I'm interested to see if this proposal becomes law thus helping families to care for their pets instead of making the agonizing choice between medical care and the associated costs.

I love sleeping in Sunday mornings.

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