Saturday, July 26, 2014


This past week was an unusual one filled with doctor visits and tests for me. I'm fine, my test results are fine (so far). When I realized no new posts were done since I blogged about Broadway Barks and posted pictures of Porch Guy, I knew I had to stop being so neglectful and come up with some new posts. I vowed to do so as soon as Annie and I went for our daily walk.

Excitement was in the air when Annie realized it was time for a late afternoon walk. We were outside only ten minutes when the cloudy day turned into a rainy day forcing us to cut our walk short and head for home. Both of us were drenched! Annie hates rain; she doesn't mind her bath but getting caught in rainy weather is another story altogether.

Lately both Artie and I have noticed some new cats and two kittens showing up for food. We don't know how many ferals we are currently feeding but there is a definite increase. Artie managed to get pictures of both kittens. We don't know their gender but they definitely are cute kitties!

Dinner time.

Smile for the camera!

Time for my closeup.

A great closeup of this adorable grey kitty.

Our only photo of the second kitty.

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