Tuesday, July 1, 2014


The heat and humidity have arrived in New York. Yesterday and today have been challenging to say the least. Annie begged for two walks today. I complied against my better judgement. Sometimes her persistence is too much to put up with.

Off we went for our walk, water in hand, Annie thinking she won, I knowing differently. You might not agree but I managed a win-win in this situation by changing our route to keep us in the shade as much as possible. I also cut both walks short based on how Annie was tolerating the heat. I did stop a few times to give her a bit of water and to pat water on her head. Both walks were earlier in the day than our usual walks.

Annie is happy but not completely satisfied - she's already asked to be let out back and for extra cookies. This behavior is typical for her during the summer. I have to cut this post short - Annie is here poking my leg, crying and whining - I'll get no peace until I let her show me what she wants.

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