Friday, July 11, 2014


Annie had two follow-up doctor appointments this week with her Ophthalmologist and Oncologist. I was hoping for a clean bill of health from the eye exam but her eye is a bit red prompting the doctor to increase her eye drop to twice a day. Her eye is healthy otherwise; all her tests were in the normal range. We are thankful for that but I'm disappointed her recovery is so slow. Her next visit will be in three months instead of the six I was hoping for.

Her physical exam with the Oncologist went well however the doctor wasn't able to get online access to Annie's x-rays and sonogram taken at the time of her dental surgery. We waited awhile but eventually had to leave with the doctor promising to follow-up by phone once she reviewed all the material. That was two days ago but still no update. 

I'll check back with the Oncologist next week if I don't hear from her before. In the meantime, I'm hoping we will be wrapping up the frequent visits since December is the two-year mark for Annie's cancer surgery. A discussion with the doctor is in order - I believe after all this time we can move to a bi-annual or annual visit with additional visits scheduled whenever something unusual comes up.

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