Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I knew solving Orphée's aggression issues would not be easy even if I had a Pensieve.

There has been definite progress but we are by no means there (there being a point in time where neither Artie nor I have to keep an eye on Orphée when he is around Annie). Trying to sort out the why, where and when of Orphée's unacceptable behavior requires quite a bit of effort on our part but we're doing it.

There's been some success but Annie is still wary of Orphée, hesitating to walk past him, run in his presence and detouring through another doorway into a different room depending on where he's lying. So where's the progress you wonder? They are sharing my bed, the couch even the recliner with Annie sleeping on the seat and Orphée resting on the back.

The area of contention has been narrowed down to Annie's bursts of unexpected running about the house which seem to really anger Orphée. Curiously, her barking sometimes scares him but the result generally is a deer-in-the-headlights look to his face never any aggression.

Besides Annie's bursts of running, Orphée goes on alert at mealtimes, keeping a sharp eye on Annie almost trying to herd her away from the area where his dishes are.  This is very odd to me since he showed no signs of aggression towards the other cats when he was outside.  Food is definitely the issue since we've moved his eating location from the floor to the top of a 2-draw cabinet. Now I'm trying to locate a much higher out-of-the-way place for his food in an attempt to change this behavior.

In the meantime, how do I get a 42 lb. dog to stop running away from a 15 lb. cat? Damned if I know. My guess is this is going to take some work. Dumbledore where are you when I need you? If only I could borrow your Pensieve...

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