Thursday, May 9, 2013


Four-legged relationships in our home have taken a bad turn. Orphée is trying to exert his clout over Annie. He apparently feels the time is right to move up in his new colony's hierarchy.

That's not gonna happen! Artie and I have noticed Annie making wide detours around him.  The situation has now gotten to the point where she does an about face if he's in a doorway or a room taking a different route entirely in order not to walk past him. She has given up running and playing in her own home.  Her exuberance is gone. I've caught him chasing her away if he perceives she's too close to him. 

Artie was walking through the living room when Orphée overtook him, heading straight for the furniture.  All of a sudden, he jumped on the recliner, pushed between Annie and the recliner arm then laid down crowding her for more space.  It didn't take long for Annie to relinquish her spot on the recliner.  Apparently this scenario is intensifying because a few weeks ago they would both lay on the bed or couch at opposite ends but now whenever Orphée comes along Annie vacates the bed or couch going into another room entirely. 

This is a real problem. We do not leave them alone together for any length of time. I've been intervening by reprimanding Orphée when I catch him bullying Annie. I don't know how effective this will be. I'll need to surf the web, to read up on this problem. And I sure could use some suggestions.

In the meantime, I feel so sorry for my little girl. Since Buddy died, she's been so lonely. All she wants is another four-legged companion but it doesn't look like Orphée will fill that need. Hopefully we can change this dynamic.

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