Sunday, May 12, 2013


Another year has passed - it's Mother's Day once again.  The sun is shining brightly; it's slightly cool, almost cold outside for mid-May. Annie spent a good part of the morning sunning herself out back. This is her usual spring and summer routine.

Artie had an early start cleaning the yard; it actually isn't the usual eyesore that needs massive attention before the hot weather hits.  Two weekends ago, he swept up leaves and pollen then started to prepare tree branches for bundling prior to pickup by the Department of Sanitation.  The yard looks pretty good although we still have to finish weeding, cut the Mulberry tree and trim back the wild climbing rosebush that grows lush foliage but hasn't produced any flowers since it took root several years ago.

On this Mother's Day my thoughts turn to remembering my Mom. Annie misses her. So do Artie and I. She loved her children and her four-legged 'grandchildren'. One of the greatest gifts Mom passed on to the both of us was her love of nature and animals. 

Any Moms reading this post should really take time to think about the legacy they are passing on to their children. It's not enough to teach them to respect themselves and their fellow human beings. We need to pass on a love and respect for all living things. Help them learn to interact harmoniously with your furry family members. Help them foster compassion and a desire to help shelter animals. Experience nature with your children by helping them develop a love of plants, gardening and the outdoors. Take them on outings to natural history museums and parks. Let them experience the wonder of life all around us.

Some of the best things in life are free. Enjoy them and have a Happy Mother's Day.

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