Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I have to confess I'm a Harry Potter fan - working in children's publishing does that to you. Lately not only do I feel I need a Time Turner but I find myself wishing for a Pensieve as well. 

Harry Potter Wiki defines a Pensieve as " object used to review memories. It has the appearance of a shallow stone basin, into which are carved runes and strange symbols. It is filled with a silvery substance that appears to be a cloud-like liquid/gas; the collected memories of people who have siphoned their recollections into it. Memories can then be viewed from a non-participant, third-person point of view."

Dumbledore certainly made good use of his Pensieve; I would make good use of mine. Such a magical object would allow me to retrieve Orphee and Annie's memories allowing me a third-party view of the incident that derailed all the progress we made in dog-cat relations sending our peaceful household careening like a runaway Hogwarts Express.

There, in the depths of memory swirled in the Pensieve, I would understand why Annie is running away from Orphee.  A senario to explain why Annie won't walk past him or go into a room he's in would surface from the mist and I would finally understand.  

It all began last weekend when Artie and I took a break from our chores to go for brunch. We decided to leave Annie and Orphee in the same apartment instead of relegating him to the front hallway. We went locally, gone for less than an hour. Later that evening we noticed the dynamics of their relationship had changed for the worse. 

Now Orphee is aggressive - staring at Annie, blocking her path and practically stalking her. Both of us caught him swiping and hissing at her. We reprimanded him and the behavior has improved somewhat but not completely.

Diligence and a watchful eye will help me put an end to this bullying- and plenty of patience.

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