Saturday, June 1, 2013


Today is the first day of June. In this household that means three months have passed; it's time to take Annie for her quarterly checkup with her Oncologist. I am very apprehensive. Her cancer diagnosis is forever on my mind; I know there is always the possibility of a re-occurrence of her cancer but I do my best to remain positive.

We have established a firm routine for Annie's care. Artie and I check her lumps twice a week; we discuss what we find, which ones look and feel the same which ones are larger, do they feel loose within the skin or anchored in place. Thankfully, nothing alarming has occurred this past quarter leading me to expect a good exam with a positive outcome.

Meanwhile, I continue to home cook meals and treats for her. Over the years we've eliminated use of pet shampoos, flea/tick medications and toxic cleaning materials from our environment (better for all members of our family) in favor of a more holistic approach to pet care along with Eastern and Western modalities as well as a simpler approach to living.

Of course, I never forget my littlest cancer survivor, Buddy who lost his tail to skin cancer. Buddy survived five and a half years after his surgery doing quite well even during his almost three year battle with renal failure.

Next week I will call to set up Annie's appointment.  In the meantime, Annie continues on doing what dogs do best - playing, relaxing, giving and receiving unconditional love. What a life!

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