Friday, July 17, 2015


Saturday, July 11th was Broadway Barks. It was my intention to skip the event this year. Not that I don't enjoy it but Annie's condition hasn't improved to the point where I can leave her for a very long period of time.

My friend Terri emailed asking if I would be attending as usual. We haven't seen each other since last fall so I decided a quick trip into Manhattan along with a fast turn around all the rescue tables and some time spent visiting Terri at the City Critters table was in order.

I met Artie after work and we quickly spent some time at the various tables visiting the dogs and cats available for adoption, watching a bit of the raffle/adoption proceedings before ending our time at the event with our visit to Terri. Artie made our monetary donations while Terri and I caught up on our furry family news. I filled Terri in on the rescues we were involved in since last fall and Annie's cancer surgery and subsequent illness.

Terri told us about Chester's final illness. Chester was a real character. Terri's only dog, he ruled the house as his seven feline housemates deferred to his choice of sleeping arrangements. He had a long life of 16 years but the past few brought loss of eyesight, incontinence and a need to sleep most of the day away but that was alright as Chester was comfortable, well cared for by Terri and still the boss of the house.

Terri misses him, sometimes catching herself thinking that she has to take care of him or needs to buy his dog food. Artie and I miss Chester as well and talk fondly of him. We think of him often. I know wherever Chester is he's having a great time bossing around all the cats.

Our buddy, Chester.

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