Monday, July 20, 2015


While going through a copy of last month's daily news I came across an article about a Calico named Tama who recently passed away.

Tama was a stray who acquired the position of Stationmaster for a Japanese railway eventually earning the position of Super Stationmaster then Vice President of the railway line. Her job was to greet the customers but Tama was very serious about her job. She attracted much attention becoming a world famous celebrity and a tourist attraction. At the age of 16 Tama died of heart failure on June 22. She was given a Shinto-style funeral and was elevated to the status of Goddess.

Tama was enshrined this month in a nearby cat shrine. She was also given the title of Honorable Eternal Stationmaster and her successor has been named - another Calico dubbed Nitama (Tama II). What a great story...
Tama at work.

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