Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Anyone who lives in Brooklyn knows we have to contend with dogs pooping and peeing on the dirt around trees. Pee isn't good for trees I guess because there is the age-old never-ending battle between homeowners with trees in front of their houses and dog owners. There must be a few like me who own a dog and have a tree in front of their house who don't give a hoot-in-hell if a dog pees on the tree but I do take exception to owners not picking up their dog's poop but that's fodder for another story entirely.

A guy named Jon Crow in Park Slope was fed up with his canine neighbors peeing on his trees and flowers so he came up with a unique solution for this issue - kiddie pools and plastic saucer sleds filled with soil and planted with grass. It makes for a very creative solution. Of course the mini lawns need special tending but the person who created them is also taking care of them. He trims and waters the lawn and claims as long as drainage holes are put in prior to potting up and planting they don't smell.

It seems like a pretty decent solution to an eternal problem. Only time will tell it if really works.

Neat solution to an ongoing problem.

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